Silver Sage Danes
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Blue & Black Great Danes
Here at Silver Sage Danes, we pride ourselves on breeding and raising the finest Great Danes around. We are
full service Great Dane breeders located in the heart of Idaho and we specialize in preserving the style, grace and
power that purebred Great Danes embody. Our mission is to provide every one of our clients with a Great Dane that
will become a new member of the family. We breed quality Great Danes and currently have many Great Dane
puppies for sale at our Idaho location.

Bringing a new Great Dane into your home can be an exciting time in your family's life. Great Danes are a loyal
breed and are great with children. We breed all of our Great Danes with love, care and precaution. Picking the
right Great Dane breeder to supply your family with its newest member is more important than picking the puppy
itself. Here at Silver Sage Danes, we breed all of our Great Danes by the highest standards ensuring the
elimination of genetic defects and unwanted behaviors and traits.

Our kennel was founded on a small Idaho farm. The entire breeding process is extremely controlled from the
choosing of which Great Danes to mate together, the location of the birth to the best way to deliver the puppy. We go
above and beyond to ensure your new best friend is the perfect fit. We breed both Blue Great Danes and American
Blue Great Danes. You'll fall in love with our Great Dane puppies at first sight, we guarantee it.

We appreciate you stopping by our website and giving us the chance to share our love for Great Dane with you. Here
you will find great information on the Great Danes that make up our kennels and our family. We are a quality
breeder of Black Great Danes and Blue Great Danes from American and European descents. If you are looking
for some of the finest Great Danes for sale in Idaho, Call Silver Sage Danes today.
If it's not a Dane...
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